Thursday, November 12, 2015

Spiritual Fitness – love, acceptance, eternal life

There are three fears that govern life. Fear of being rejected, fear of being unloved and fear of dying. We all want love and acceptance and to have eternal life. All other aspects of fear spring from these three.

 If you really stop and ponder for a moment you will see that every aspect of life is about love and acceptance and the drive to live and not die. Each of these is a part of the finite world. Moving into the realm of infinite spiritual world we come to realize that we are a part of the great universal design and as such are infinitely loved and accepted and because we are infinity itself we have no need to fear death. We begin to see our passage here on earth as about developing the virtues of the soul and not about the accumulation of material things or the over indulgence in earthly life. The accumulation of things is merely an attempt to find love and gain acceptance. This is why material things, over indulgences and ego driven desires will never bring happiness, peace and harmony.

Be the love you seek. Accept yourself fully and remember your soul is infinite energy. The body and the minds are simply on loan, but the soul lives on forever. In this you will find peace and serenity.

Doctor Lynn

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