Thursday, April 09, 2015

What in Your Life Needs Balancing?

When an uncontrolled desire to receive for the self-alone occurs, an energy imbalance happens and the individual cuts self-off from the spiritual source of energy known as creation. In such a case a frenetic chase for satisfactions and pleasures takes place. In the frenetic chase of the so-called good things in life, people forget that these are only the outer trappings of the material world and never lead to true happiness.

Reality is not as clear and simple as we wish it would be. All spiritual disciplines lead to the same path of Truth. The essence and the search for wisdom are simply a choice of methodology.

Creating balance is all about the use of energy. The physical manifestations of the world are simply the creation of thoughts, concepts, and consciousness. Behind the concepts, thoughts and consciousness is the force of all energy. When we become aware of our ability to harness this force, we begin to create a reality that is about health, balance and harmony.  

Lesson - what in your life needs balancing? Hint – it is what is causing you to feel stressed.

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