Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Recipe for Love - A Leek Song

Does the sound of a person’s voice attract us to them? How do you know someone loves you? Do you like to hear the words “ I love you?” The voice it seems is very important when it comes to mating and love. The tone of a person’s voice has a lot to do with the way we respond to another person. You can see an attractive person and the minute they open their mouth if the tone  of their voice is discordant to us we will find them less attractive.

It appears that a person’s voice can give us clues as to their ability to reproduce. A male with a deep voice is considered more attractive than a male with a high voice. Voice gives us other clues to physical characteristics. When tested, subjects were almost away able to match a voice with a photo of another person. 

A scientific study published in 2008 in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior revealed that fluctuation in voice changes during a woman’s cycle with their voice being more enticing during ovulation. The authors speculate that hormones influence our vocal tones. People also found confidant voices more attractive, however, levels of confidence can change over time and the change in confidence seems to change the tone and strength of our vocal chords.

Research has also shown that listeners can detect people’s socioeconomic status, personality, and emotional/mental state from their voice. They can also estimate age, height and weight about as accurately from voice clips as they can from photographs. So it seems when it comes to love the voice has a lot to do with attraction.

The Roman Emperor Nero, nicknamed the “leek eater”, believed that eating leeks improved his singing voice. Both the Romans and the Greeks favored the leek as a curative medicine for sore throats and believed that eating leeks improved one’s oratory ability. But, it is the country of Whales known as the country of song where the leek is a national emblem. The leek is a national flower and a symbol of Welch cuisine. Many recipes feature the leek for its curative powers, as well as, its ability to symbolize the strength and fortitude of the Welch people.

The Welch people were invaded by the Saxons. The battle took place in a leek field. The Welch soldiers adorned their helmets with leeks to identify them as Welch. They won the battle and the leek has ever since been a  significant Welch symbol.

Another tradition in Wales is to carve a wooden spoon with flowers, images and of course leeks as a symbol of love. Song, dance, leeks and carved wooden spoons bring the song of love to the Welch people.

Leeks belong to the same family as onions and garlic and therefore provide the same health benefits, such as, cardiovascular health, easing  arthritic pain and  fighting chronic low level infections. The polyphenols and most notably the kaempferol, among other things works to heal airway inflammation. Sounds like the Romans and the Greeks had it right when it comes to singing a great leek love song!

Doctor Lynn

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