Thursday, April 16, 2015

Free Will

The ancient Alchemist devoted their lives to finding the Philosopher’s Stone, a substance to be found in nature that was so pure it would reveal the great secrets of the universe. In their quest they discovered that the pure essence was really pure consciousness. It was the ability to make choices that would lead to divinity. The essence of the process of choosing was found in the gift of free will.

Divinity it seems gave humankind the gift of free will. The world and all its energy could be directed simply by exercising free will. We are not controlled and directed by the supreme power, but rather given the opportunity through all of our experiences to choose our own path. The results of these choices determine both the quality of our lives and the level of our connection with the divine or supreme energy of the universe.

Each time a choice of purification is made the body, the mind and the soul is cleansed of its sins and moved closer towards the pure essence of its being. It is much like the karmic exercise of cleansing over and over until one has corrected the karma.

Free will is a tremendous power. It means that we are free to be the directors of our own lives. True we are born into a particular family and take on a particular physical self; however at the spiritual level these too are choices we have made. We made these choices to correct a part of our spiritual selves. By correction we get closer and closer to our eternal self.
Doctor Lynn

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