Saturday, April 25, 2015

Yoga Today – Japa Yoga

Japa Yoga is using a mantra to quiet the mind and gain focus. We are not emptying the mind, but giving the mind something to focus on and this focus becomes our mantra. A mantra allows us to transcend thoughts and bring consciousness to a higher level. As you think you become.

Mantra means that which keeps the mind steady and produces the proper effect. Remember Karma Yoga – cause and effect. Life becomes what life does.

The greatest mantra of all is the OM – the first sound of the universe – the universal sound of peace. Words that we repeat to ourselves are very powerful. Repeat something enough times and you will begin to believe it is so. Words have the power to create and to destroy.

 What is it that you need to master in your life? Perhaps you need to remove anger, loneliness, resentment, fear, worry or lack of self-worth.  Perhaps you need to practice patience, gratitude and appreciation.  Here is a mantra to use. The mantra Hari-OM is the vibration of good. It removes all fear and affliction from your consciousness. It makes you courageous and fearless. It takes great courage to encounter your afflictions and remove them. Now close your eyes and begin to repeat or chant the Hari-OM over and over to yourself. Become absorbed in the vibration of the word and not so much the meaning. As you think you become.

Never forget the power of your words. Words can destroy and they can create. What you repeat to yourself is what you become. So practice Japa yoga by repeating to yourself   Hari-OM. It will remove your self-doubt and your fear and bring you peace and serenity. Because: as you think you become.

Doctor Lynn


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