Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meditation - Take Five

Sitting or lying quietly listen to the sounds around you. It is important to take in the sounds of the universe without judgement. Just simply learn to listen with a clear mind. The outside sounds will soon become one with the inside chatter of your mind. By simply listening you will soon be watching all that is inside of you and outside of you mesh.

The conscious act of breathing in and out is a vital part of meditation. Breathing is considered an involuntary action. To live we simply breathe and yet we can learn to control our breathing so that we can adjust both the physical and psychological aspects of our being. We have all been told when about to loose our temper, to take a deep breath and count to ten. A deep breath draws calmness deep into our inner self.

When you first begin to meditate you will notice that your breath seems to run freely. You will become aware of how your breath automatically happens to you without you consciously participating. By focusing on this concept we begin to see the division between what happens to what we can control and us. Like all things in life we can learn to control the nature of each and every breath we take. Focused control is merely a conscious process. By watching the voluntary and involuntary aspects of breathing we experience the flow of energy even when we are not conscious of it and at the same time learn to harness and control energy.

As you begin to focus on your breath you will discover that your breathing gets deeper and deeper. Envision a whirl of white light releasing out from the body and then returning as you breathe in and out. This slow deep rhythmic breathing allows us to enter the deeper states of meditation.

Quietly and calmly experience the sensation of breathing in and releasing out. Don’t hurry or fret about your progress. Simply experience the experience and connect for the moment.
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