Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Recipe for Sex – The Chicken Dance

To heat things up a rooster may dance in a circles around the hen closest to him often lowering his wing in an attempt to trigger a response from the hen and when she responds he will mount her and mate.  And you thought the chicken dance was something kids do on the play ground! The Chicken Dance ( Bird Dance) is actually a Swiss song that originated in the 1950s.

Chicken is probably the most widely eaten protein, crossing just about every culture. Chicken is a low fat protein and as such can actually help you to lose weight. It is filling and nutritious without all the cholesterol of red meat. The best chicken to eat is pastured chicken which mean the chicken is kept in a bottomless cage where they feed on the grass and insects that grow beneath their feet. Free range chicken just means the chicken is kept in a large cage where they are allowed to roam within the cage. Note pastured chicken is free of all hormones, arsenic and provides a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

When I was in Morocco I ordered a chicken tagine. It was the sweetest and softest chicken I had ever eaten outside of my childhood where we eat chicken from my grandfather’s farm.( In those days the chickens roamed free throughout the pasture.) The next day I was wandering through the medina (market place) when I heard a chicken scream, a thud and silence. Suddenly, I realized that the chicken I ate the night before was pastured and killed fresh.

For those who don’t eat meat (chicken included) for either health or ethical reasons this whole episode might sound quite barbaric. But it is important to remember that each culture and each person has their own perspective on life and death. Being true to yourself, while allowing others to make their choices, (given that those choices do not harm you) is to be respected. Living a yogi life and practicing the yoga of eating simply means to not be wasteful and cruel. More than making a moral judgment about what one eats or doesn’t eat, is to be respectful of life and remember, waste not-want not.

But can chicken make me a hot chick and get my husband to get up and dance and crow like a rooster? Easy to digest, low fat protein, rich in our old friend niacin (the sex tingle vitamin) and a large variety of ways to prepare it with sauces and spices makes chicken a good choice when it comes to the dance of love .

Chicken is an excellent source of tryptophan and a very good source of niacin. Vitamin B-3 comes in two forms niacin and niacinamide. Our bodies make niacinamide from tryptophan which is found in animal meat and especially high in chicken. B3 helps the body to metabolize fat and improves circulation. B3 is also helpful as a supplement for treating anxiety and depression.

So, if we can get low fat, high protein and good circulation from such a sexy and versatile bird we might just want to get up, flap our wings and do the chicken dance and let the crowing begin!

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