Thursday, April 30, 2015

Discovery of Self

The key element towards discovery of self is a strong devotion or a desire towards finding our spiritual essence. Ultimately we are willing to forgo all else to have this experience. The misconception, for most people, is that this involves a solitary and impoverish life.

The truth is those who choose to live a solitary and simple life do not see themselves as suffering, but rather living in joy.  However, the alchemist knew that in order to continue their quest for the essence of life they must have gold (money) in order to survive. That is how alchemy came to be known as the transformation of base metals into gold.  In other words we don’t need to give up our earthly possessions to find our true essence. We simply need to use our wealth to make the world a better place.


We do not need to live an isolated and impoverish life to find the essence of life. The essence is found in the ability to give and receive with an open heart.

Spiritual Fitness

Doctor Lynn

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