Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back story Post Aug 19th

A video! Now my budget was limited but I really wanted to take the exercises in the chapter and make them into a simple video that could be downloaded from my website. So I posted an ad on Craig’s list about looking for interns who wanted to help me with a fifteen minute video project. I would give them credit, pay expenses and give them experience. I live in LA. The economy is bad in LA and there are a lot of out of work movie people. I was inundated with emails from people who wanted to be paid, to people who just wanted to get involved. John a director and camera man sent me an email and told me that he was between jobs and would be happy to help me for the credit. It’s good to be working even when not getting paid and who knows..One lead might lead to another. I met with John and he was perfect. He had all the equipment and could shoot it in one day. I would hire a couple of interns to help, I had access to the function room at our condominium complex free of charge and easily lined up three interns to come by and help.

We set a date. I wrote and practiced the script. I made sure we had lunch, snacks, drinks and free parking. It all started to come together. Rebecca my intern agreed to make a cover for the DVD, Ann Marie had shot pictures of me to match the DVD, John had all the equipment, I had the script but I needed music. I could not use any music that I did not have the right to use. So I contacted Daniel my first intern and asked him if he had any music he would like to contribute for credit and promotion of his music and his band. He replied back and immediately sent me about 6 songs. Three of which worked perfectly. The whole project came together in a flash. It was like everything had finally lined up and was positioned to work synergistically.

So we shot the DVD. Then I got an email from a company that was starting an online live exercise gym and asked me if I would like to teach a class or two. Eureka! I now had platform as well as a product. The problem was that this was a start up and it would take a while to make it happen. But that was ok because I had a team that would help me launch this whole thing.

Now the DVD was only 1/3 of the Doctor Lynn’s Xercise for a Sexy Body-Mind. There was part two and three. About a year ago I had tried to teach a freestyle class combination of yoga and dance. The idea was readily accepted by my students but the freestyle was beyond their reach. They wanted something choreographed and easy to follow. So that class failed but the feedback was invaluable. I knew what they wanted and quickly began to choreograph the second and third part to the new exercise class.

Using my IPod I made a playlist, put time aside and practiced at perfecting my routine. I made it simple, easy, low impact while using all the right moves to make you sweat and work all the right muscles and body parts. In my mind’s eye I envisioned the whole class. Now I wanted to teach it in person and perfect it before I went live on the internet. So I decide to try and find some studio space.

I went out to dinner with my step son and his wife and mentioned to them I was looking for studio space. A week later Emily sent me an email and told me she was at a party where she met a woman who owned a Pilates studio and she was looking for someone to teach yoga and cycle…Eureka!

Another Eureka moment where the solution to a problem suddenly out of nowhere appears. So I went to meet Laura, the Pilates studio owner.

Doctor Lynn

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