Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back story Post Aug 25th

A practical plan: If you want to make something come to fruition you need a workable plan. You can desire something but if you don’t have an organized plan it will never happen. Now remember desire is a tricky thing. You can say you want something but doubt you will get it or be afraid that you will get it and sabotage your dream. Most people don’t believe they deserve to get what they want in life so they sit on the side lines depressed and sad. They also are ready to give up at the first sign of defeat. To realize a dream you must be persistent with absolute faith.

When I was single I knew exactly the type of man I wanted to meet and decide that I would not marry again until I met him. Over the years I dated, lived with and got engaged to several men. None of which filled the bill. Each time I moved on. I did get discouraged. But something inside me kept pushing onward. I was not going to settle for less than what I desired.

Through perseverance and a carefully crafted plan I finally met and married the man I was destined to meet. But it did not happen without faith and an organized plan. Yesterday I was talking to one of my students who is single and lonely. She would like to get married. She has no plan and believes that there is nobody out there for her. I told her to get a plan and to have faith. If I could do it – anyone can do it.

Now back to my project. I started with a book and then the book became a video and then the video became a class and then the class became a platform and then the platform became my voice. To implement my project I needed a plan. But I also needed to be flexible and ready to adjust the plan as needed. Remember this is all about what it takes to be successful at any endeavor.

Here’s how to build a plan:

Ally yourself with as many people as possible to help you carry out your plan. You need someone to support you, someone to encourage you, someone to help you with the tasks you cannot do. Napoleon Hill calls this the “Master Mind Principle”. It simply means that you ally yourself with others who work with you in harmony towards the same end goal. You must all be on the same page.

Second you must decide what you can offer these individuals. No one will work for nothing. If you can offer them some kind of compensation ( and it need not be money) people will come together in a cooperative effort to reach a goal. When I wanted to shoot my video and my budget was nil I ran an ad offering experience, credit and fun. The response was overwhelming with people willing to work for no pay in exchange for experience and credit.

Once you’ve organized the group set up meetings. Keep the communications flowing to perfect the plans and then finally maintain harmony between yourself and the members of the group. No one wants to be dictated to or spoken down to. With encouragement and respect people will work in harmony.

Keep in mind that you are undertaking a project that is extremely important to you. Your plans must be faultless so therefore you must take advantage of the expertise and experience of those around you. Working in harmony with respect for all will ultimately bring you success.

Doctor Lynn

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