Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back story post 26 August 18

I hired Boris to set up my Face book and Twitter accounts and to teach me how to tweet. I started getting up at 5:30 AM so I could blog, post, Face book and tweet before I went to teach classes and then worked on the book. Suddenly I was working 12 hour days and dreaming and analyzing my project through the night.

Boris had some big ideas for me and told me he really believed in my projects and in me. He felt I had a strong image that he could help me create. I needed a presence in the social media arena. So after the initial project I hired him for a fee to help me take it to the next level. He suggested I needed some new pictures for my website, face book and twitter that better reflected me. The pictures on my site were about three years old so I agreed. He had a friend who would do the job for a nominal fee. He assured me I would love her.

He introduced me to a red headed Irish girl named Anne Marie who had an infectious laugh and a creative style that I knew would reflect the image I wanted to portray. I wanted the pictures to reflect me and what I was doing. She got it. She shot it and the pictures got posted. Being an Irish girl from back East but originally from Ireland she immediately got my approach to life. Herbs, folk medicine and the magic, that was not too far reaching for her. She just got it. Wow how did this person fall into my life at this time? But as I said this was only one of a number of significant meetings in my life.

Here is one thing I have learned. One of the secrets of success in any endeavor is to have significant meeting happen in the juncture of your creativity.

Now this would be a good time to back up and tell you that I had been at this for a long time and I had either come up short or failed at making this all come together on several attempts. But something in me kept persisting. Reflecting back I remember reading and rereading my favorite book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In the book there is a story about a little poor girl who would show up each day outside the office building of a rich man. She would ask him each day for a penny. This of course was when a penny was worth something. Each day he would shoo her away. The next day she would show up, same time and same place and ask for a penny. This went on for weeks. Finally the man realized that the only this little girl would go away was if he gave her a penny. So he did and the girl got what she wanted. Persistence paid off. I’ve never forgotten that story and each time I did not get what I wanted I tried again. Sometimes I would retreat and re-evaluable my plan and then I would march forward with determination. Always taking the time to reflect on the things that I allowed to stand in my way of success. I would then work on removing negatives and replacing them with a little magic.

There are no failures, just ill conceived plans and an inability to reorganize and persist. The basis of persistence is will power and will power is a might force. From sheer will power anything is possible. But it need not be cold and forceful. When I was young I thought it to be true. However as I have aged I have realized that you can will things in a gentle way. In fact the simple release of your desires backed by a gently will to succeed, and wishing for only good, turns the tide and allows things to flow to you. This is exactly what happened to me and I did it by also employing a little magic.

At the time I met Boris I was about 125 pages into the book I was writing, which can be found on my website. The book is titled Sex Matters and Pleasure Delights. It’s a book about natural sexual health. Why? Because your sexuality is the very first thing you are when you come in this world and the very last thing you take with you. It defines your life so a close examination of the natural aspects of having good sex seemed like a good topic. Being a Naturopath, aroma therapist, herbalist, yoga and fitness instructor; the essence of the book seemed a creative endeavor. But this is a story about writing the book and making this major project I have undertaken work.

I was about to write the chapter on Xercise for a Sexy Body-Mind when it dawned on me that this chapter needed…

Doctor Lynn

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