Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back story Post 25 Aug 17

Here is where the story gets really interesting. I was about 125 pages into writing my book. I knew it would take another two months to finish and then another month to edit. My focus was on the book. I had just finished writing a chapter on Xercise for a Sexy Body-Mind. Rebecca my summer intern was going to start in about two weeks. Social media was a buzz word that meant nothing to me.

The doorbell rang and in walked Boris and Natasha.

Not really Boris and Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show but standing in my doorway they looked just like them and it appeared they were on a mission. And I mean this is such a positive way. Both had character, were strong and connected. Now I call them Boris and Natasha ,not because they reminded me of Russian spies but because well Boris was a lot shorter than Natasha who was extremely tall and thin. She wore over the knee wedge boots with probably a 4 to 5 heel and tight black jeans and top. He was very intellectual looking. Boris wore glasses, a jacket and jeans. He’s was carrying his laptop. Natasha has long beautiful brown hair. Boris has this persona that is intriguing. Natasha is lovely with a beautiful smile. They were on a mission.

Boris introduced me to Natasha his girlfriend and asked if it was ok that she came along for the meeting. He assured me that she would have some good input. After sharing a few niceties about each other, I shared with them my mission and what I needed. Boris wanted to take on the mission. He began to explain to me the details and importance of social media and why he thought I should hire him. Like I said he was very intelligent and made a good case. He offered to do some work setting up my face Book and twitter accounts for a nominal fee. If I liked what he did we could continue.

I immediately had an anxiety attack. First I’m a techno-phobic and second I was so swamped with trying to write the book, organize a plan and teaching classes – how could I take on blogging, face booking and tweeting every day? Besides I knew nothing about doing it. I wasn’t a kid and not very computer savvy. It was a new thing to learn and learning takes time. Boris convinced me that I needed to get my social media up and running long before the book was ready. I needed to start now so when the book comes out, I’ll have some fans. He wanted to help me create a presence and an image. He would do the work and walk me through this. Natasha assured me that he could do it and I would learn quickly.

Sometimes people come into your life in mysterious ways. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that I could meet someone who would become significant in my life who just a moment ago never existed in my reality. This was not the first significant meeting but it was a significant meeting.

Doctor Lynn


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