Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back story Post Aug 26

I am now working long hours editing, organizing and trying to bring all the pieces together while I teach and try to manage a personal life. Staying focused and to task is essential if I am to meet my deadlines. I do have a habit of setting very high goals for myself and then challenge myself to meet these goals sometimes with unrealistic expectations. I realize that I am not going to make my goal of September 1st . The book will still be in the editing stage and the video will not be done. But I need to do it right and it is better to take longer. Everything in life takes longer and cost more.

On top of all of this my back and knees are giving me a bit of a twinge. I’m now seeing a physical therapist two days a week. Just as I’m seeing the goal in view my body is beginning to rebel. Next week I have to have surgery on my teeth so I will be out for about three days.

Underneath my focused self I am feeling a bit depressed. I feel the aging of my body and the lack of energy that was so prevalent in my youth. Now I’m not old…or at least I don’t think I am..but I’m beginning to feel the slowing down that comes with approaching a certain age.

I still think of myself as thirty-five. I think I arrested at that age and never thought of myself as growing older. Now as I approach a new era my body lets me know that it does not have the energy or the ability that it had many years ago.

Here in lies a contradiction. I’ve exercised my whole life and my body shows it. I’m as fit as most twenty year olds. I’ve eaten relatively healthy over the years. However my body is beginning to show the signs of over use. And I hear this story from other active and fitness minded people. If you don’t exercise you negatively affect your health but if you are really active like me you also end up with back, knee, shoulder and hip issues!

So I need to change my routine. That is why I developed my exercise video. I want to stay sexy and energetic but realize that I can’t keep up the pace of cycling every day. Did you know that exercise enhances your sexuality? Cycling, yoga and aerobics it appears enhances sex for it’s participants more than for those who are inactive. So I developed Doctor Lynn’s Xercise for a Sexy Body-Mind which is combination yoga for flexibility and balance and low impact aerobics for cardiovascular strength and body toning. All good for sex!

And guess what? It really makes you sweat and feel good. So here I am about to embark on this venture and my back and knees are yelling at me to give it a break…oh yah and I’m sleeping a tremendous amount. So it’s physical therapy, rest and positive thinking and once again I will prevail. Remember in life there will always be set backs and obstacles to overcome. It is the person who pushes on even when the going gets rough that wins the game.

Doctor Lynn

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