Friday, August 20, 2010

Back story Post Aug 20th

Laura is a lovely young woman. Her studio was very professionally run. I was very impressed with her approach and she told me she had a good feeling about me. The location is on a nice street in Beverly Hills. There is plenty of parking although you need to park about a block away in a parking garage.

Laura wanted me to use one room and teach both a cycle class and a yoga class. I wanted a studio space where I could teach my new class as well as a yoga and cycle class. This seemed ideal but there was a catch.

The studio was designed to be a Pilate’s studio. Laura had three rooms full of Pilate’s equipment. The bikes she had purchased for the cycle class were crammed in the corner behind the reformers. She thought I could drag out the bikes and place them around the room between the Pilates equipment and for yoga I could place the mats between the reformers. She was trying very hard to make something more out of something that did not have the capacity.

I explained to her that the classes needed their own space. We needed a separate room. She told me there was some empty space downstairs that she would consider co-leasing with me. We looked at the place. It needed to be fitted out as a studio. It was ground level so it would be costly and I only wanted to rent studio space for a couple of hours a week. This just was not going to work out. I really liked Laura and was sad that we couldn’t make it work.

So I began the hunt for studio space. I told all my students I was looking for space. Several students brought me leads of space that would be available. Either the times available didn’t work or the location didn’t work. I drove around looking for possibilities. It was beginning to seem futile. Then I ran into one of my cycle students, Nikos. I told him I was looking for studio space and he said he knew just the right spot. He had been looking for some space to start a project and found a great yoga space that was empty. He heard that the guy who leased it was never there and that he might be giving it up.

I left and immediately went to see the studio. It is located in the Village of Westwood near UCLA. Across the street is a parking garage with free two hour parking. This was starting to look good. It was in a court yard just off the street. I walked into the courtyard that was tiled, with plants, very quiet and with a water fountain that created a sense of tranquility. The studio was empty. I peered into the window and there it was – Eureka another find! The studio was open with natural light. It had lovely wood floors and bamboo sheets across the extra tall ceilings. I fell in love with the space.

Determined I went to the directory but could not find the studio owners name or phone number. Seemed they were going out of business just as Nikos had said. So I wrote down the number for the leasing office. I went home and searched Google for the name of the yoga studio and found a phone number. Isn’t the internet great! I called and left a message. I also called the leasing office and left a message. The next day the leasing office called.

Doctor Lynn

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