Thursday, May 07, 2015

You Choose!

Each and every moment of our day we are faced with choices, which result in making decisions that will determine our path. If we wake up in the morning in a cantankerous mood, we can examine the reasons or accept it as our mode of operandi for the day. Perhaps the day before our diet was poor, we didn’t exercise or we had a fight with our spouse. Being in a cantankerous mood will not change any of these things. However, examining the choices we made that led to the mood assist us in changing the mood and thus changing the path of our journey. That one particular day we might be presented with an opportunity and miss it because of our fowl and dark mood. We can choose because we have free will.

Let’s choose to move – yoga and dance

Choice implies a sense of control. It removes the fatalist view that we are bound by our earthly existence and therefore no matter how hard we may try we can never control the outcome of our lives. With free will we realize that we are only bound by the limitation we place upon ourselves. If we choose to be bound by the illusion of “things”, that is how we will live our lives. Never seeing abundance leads to poverty.
You choose!
Doctor Lynn

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