Saturday, May 02, 2015

Yoga Today - Removing Obstacles

The practice of yoga teaches us how to remove the self-imposed obstacles that prevent us from discovering our true self. The mind and the body normally feel limited, but if we look to the soul we begin to understand the infinite energy of the universe and we then begin to transcend our self-imposed limitation.

This does not mean that if we think we can fly we will be able to fly. The body and the mind are controlled by the laws of nature. However, what it does mean is that we have the power to transcend our earthly burdens and experience nirvana right here on earth. But this takes practice and devotion or the practice of Bhakti yoga. Self-discovery is a journey that involves devotion.

Bhakti simply means we learn to use compassion and understanding (love) to consciously uplift and harmonize our relationships so that they help to serve the process of self-discovery. Life after all is a serious of relationships: with yourself, with others, with the earth and with the universe. What you devote yourself to is what you become.

Nothing is achieved without practice. Let’s practice.


Maya means illusion. It means that we are all caught up in the illusion of what we call our reality. Relationships are here to serve you; both the ones’ that make you happy and the ones that are difficult. It is the difficult ones that have the greatest opportunity to help you reach self-discovery. These call upon you to examine who you are. In all relationships examine who you are and what you are doing and being. In this you will begin to discover your true self.

Doctor Lynn

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