Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spiritual Fitness

There is a symbol in Chinese which means both danger and opportunity. Opportunities sometimes arrive out of disappointment or chaos. In fact most opportunities in life present themselves after we have lost something we thought we wanted. That is why they often come disguised as misfortune. In mystic writings such as those found in the Kabbalah there are many stories of worthy souls losing all their worldly possessions only to be presented with a greater opportunity. The difference between those who discover the opportunities and those that don’t is all in the attitude and belief.  It is the ability to perceive beyond the event.

Today let’s focus on being open to possibilities. Being willing to let go to make room for something new.

With faith, strength and determination any set back can be viewed as simply an opportunity.  Focusing on Spiritual Fitness you will notice that every time a door shuts another one opens. Each new pathway will bring you growth and opportunity.


Doctor Lynn


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