Thursday, May 21, 2015

Confidence – Spiritual Fitness

Once you realize your ability to exercise free will over your life and implement an active response of choice to all that life presents, you learn to make choices based upon a strong sense of intuition, and leave behind the need to be right or wrong. You realize that there are no right or wrong choices, but simply choices. This of course suggests confidence in self and a belief in control over your life.

Confidence is in part Spiritual Fitness. When we are confident with a strong grounding in self we make wise choices. No matter the outcome we have the ability to not only survive, but to learn and grow from all of life’s experiences. A Spiritually Fit person is confidant within their body, their mind and their soul. With self-confidence we have the power to act without the restraint of what others may think or say. It is called free will – the power to be!

Doctor Lynn

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