Saturday, May 23, 2015

Meditation – it involves karma

Today we are going to practice Karma Yoga. The ultimate goal of Karma Yoga is the elimination of all karma. Since action produces karma, non-action or the process of meditation is said to be the means of eliminating all karma so that we find a place of balanced enlightenment.

With karma there is no good or bad. There is no judgement. Karma simply means cause and effect. What action you take body, mind and soul will have a result in the physical world. It is impossible for us to cease all action so what we attempt to do when practicing karma yoga is teach ourselves how to be mindful of all our thoughts words and deeds. Life becomes what life does.

Meditation brings us the closest to realizing stillness and it is in stillness that we find freedom or liberation from the bond of karma. It is a place where we leave everything behind which includes anger, fear, anxiety and insecurity. Nothing matters, but the moment and in that moment you are free and that is enlightenment.

To get there we must established balance, flexibility and strength because this is what it takes to bring peace and serenity to our lives. This is why we practice yoga. Karma yoga teaches us to be mindful of our actions. Let’s practice.


The purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind so we can heart the pureness of the universe; a place free of deceit, greed anger and pride. From this place of pureness we can create anything and everything. Beyond this the purpose of meditation is to realize that the point of life is realized in the moment. Right here – right now!

Doctor Lynn

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