Saturday, May 09, 2015

Yoga Today – Obstacles we all face them

Disease, dullness, doubt, carelessness, laziness, false perceptions, failure to stay grounded and not slip from any progress we’ve made and distraction of the mind are all obstacles we must face. Everyone faces these obstacles.

One of the most difficult obstacles is slipping from the progress we’ve made. This one is important to examine because we all feel from time to time like giving up or defeated because of setbacks. But we need to remember that the mind can’t function on the same level every moment. Sometimes it will be high and sometimes times it will be low.

In the practice of yoga many obstacles or challenges will be put in our way. They are there to make us understand our capacity. The challenges teach us strength. Something we all possess even though we often forget. We need challenges and obstacles to help us remember. Otherwise we get lethargic.

That is the nature of life. Like a river the water flows easily without obstruction, but add an obstacle such as constructing a dam and the strength of the water takes on the form of great electrical power.

The most important thing we need to work on is being grounded and balanced because life will throw many obstacles our way.  But from a balance state we never get thrown off by these obstacles. We simply muster the power to stand tall and steady finding the inner strength to move past life’s obstacles without falling down. It takes a strong base, an open heart and a steady mind.

 Nothing is achieved without practice so let’s practice balance or kriya yoga.

You have an inner strength that can overcome life’s obstacles. Obstacles are necessary. Otherwise we would not find the strength of our being. Therefore seek balance in all things and in all things find balance.

Doctor Lynn

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