Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yoga Today Bhakti Yoga- Removing Obstacles


Obstacles – the best way to prevent obstacles from distracting you from your practice is to keep an open mind and stay focused. When you decide to do one thing just stick with it. There is no value in digging shallow wells in hundreds of places. It is better to dig one deep well even if you encounter obstacles. This reminds me of a story I read about a miner who became frustrated with his mine and sold it. The new miner dug for one foot and struck gold. Don’t stop one foot before you reach your goal.

Perseverance (practice) will allow you to achieve success in any endeavor. When it comes to yoga you will need a steady mind, an open heart and a clear conscience.

But remember this; all your ideas are simply symbols that you use to reach your goal. And what is the goal? To find happiness, peace and serenity. Do what you love with devotion and success will follow. This is Bhakti Yoga. Let’s practice.


Stick to one thing and forge ahead. Why? To clear the mind so you can transcend the obstacles that get in your way. You don’t cling to your ideas, but you use them like a ladder to climb to the roof. Once you reach the roof you can leave the ladder behind. You’ve reached your goal and with it will come happiness, peace and serenity. Bkakti Yoga – do what you love with devotion and success will follow.

Doctor Lynn

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