Saturday, January 24, 2015

Yoga Today – Self Mastery

To achieve anything you must practice patience, devotion and faith. The one who learns to master self (control the mind) is the one who learns how to detach and let go. This does not mean indifference. Every desire causes the mind to wander. When the mind is chasing desires it is not at peace. With a restless mind it is impossible to maintain your focus and to practice with patience, devotion and faith.

To be unattached means to be without personal desires. This is where it gets tricky because to remove personal desires means to remove expectations. If you remove expectation you remove disappointment. Then you are truly free. You may think that if I denounce everything I will not have any joy in my life. This is not so. If you seek to serve others unselfishly you will receive eternal joy. Your just rewards will come. You can never be happy by chasing after money and things. But to give unselfishly with no expectations is to be grounded within yourself and when you are grounded and happy within yourself, you will find peace.

Everything  in life gives. Sacrifice is the law of life. A tree gives fruit. A cow gives milk and a candle burns to give you light. Now you may ask, “How am I to live if I serve others?” You must have a roof over your head and food to eat. You must live and exist in the world. All of these things will come into your life with a sense of joy when your motive is to serve others. The corporation who seek to serve others by providing good jobs, good pay, good products and good benefits is a happier place than the corporation that seek to suppress and take advantage of others. Family and friends who support each other without the desire for personal gains are much happier than the family who selfishly fights to control each other.  

When I teach a yoga class and at the end someone comes up to me and tells me what I said made a difference in their life, I am filled with joy. There is no value you can put on those moments. To give with no expectations always returns to you the greatest joy.   So give of yourself unselfishly with patience, devotion and faith. In this you will achieve. Nothing is achieved without practice.

Detach and let go of desires. Do not let your desires bind you. Go out into the world unselfishly with a peaceful mind and serve others. In this you will find happiness and peace.

Doctor Lynn

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