Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yoga Today- Detachment

Detachment – this is one of the hardest things to understand. We all want comfort. We all want love and joy. In yoga detachment does not mean giving up these things. It means quieting the mind so that we are not disturbed by our cravings for these things. It means we remain at peace with our life just as it is while reaching outward into the world and living a full life. Things will come and things will go. Being at peace within ourselves is the greatest gift of life. We don’t need to give up anything. But to truly enjoy the world we need to learn to keep our heart open with compassion and understanding and let our hands do our work or our karma. So detach from needs, wants and desires, stay present and enjoy every aspect of the world for in everything there is something to learn and this learning will bring you knowledge and knowledge will bring you wisdom. In this you will live a life free of attachments. This will bring you joy. If you do this you will never fail. That is the secret to living a successful life.

In yoga there is a saying that means keep your mind at peace and let your hands do your work. If you know how to be at peace while you go about your daily life you will always find joy. Open your soul and work to bring to your life happiness, health and peace. What more could you want?


Doctor Lynn


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