Thursday, January 22, 2015

Opening the Heart Chakra- the power of love- because we all need love.

The heart is the cross over point between the physical and the metaphysical world. Its color is green which symbolizes independence, peace and rejuvenation. The heart is the center of love, but not the love we think we know. It is the love of compassion and understanding and that is the true nature of love. When closed we become hardhearted, overwhelmed and afraid. When open we reach out into the world and give without looking for a return. If you want to open up to the metaphysical world it begins with balancing and opening the heart. This takes the movement of energy. It begins with loving you and that can only be found through a sense of personal power and a belief in the inherent good that is found in all of life. You are the love you give and receive. So let’s do some yoga and then let’s dance to the cosmic energy of the universe, drawing to ourselves the power of love.

Remember you are the love you give and receive. Love is the container for everything. Step outside of love and you will discover a void. Step back in and you will discover that to truly love is to have compassion and understanding. Give and receive from a place of love.

Doctor Lynn


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