Thursday, December 31, 2015

ReYOUvenation Yoga

Rejyouvenation yoga

Reawaken your Pure Vibrant Energy with Doctor Lynn

This proactive anti-aging yoga class will recharge, restore and improve natural movement of the body while reducing stress and reawakening the soul.  Yoga has been scientifically proven to slow the aging process by reducing stress, managing arthritic aches and pains, improving range of motion, bone strength and balance, as well as manage weight and enhance sleep. 

Rejyouvenationyoga is for anyone at any level who wants to recharge, renew and reawaken the power of pure vibrant energy.  You will learn poses that will improve your overall general health and mobility as well as tips and techniques for reducing stress and soulful awakening.

Rejyouvenation yoga is a six week program beginning Sunday January 3 @11AM and then every Wednesday January 6-February 3 @ 6PM

This is a one time class limited to ten.   So grab your space.  Email Doctor Lynn @ for more information and to sign up.

Location:  Yoga Court 10956 Weyburn Westwood Village – free convenient parking before 6PM in parking garage across the street from the studio.

Cost:  $15 per class.   Since space is limited your spot must be reserved.

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