Saturday, January 02, 2016

New year…Karma Yoga – your actions.

Karma is not about good or bad. It is not about judgement. It is about action. The thing to remember about karma is that karma is like impressions that are a part of your being. Those impressions have been created in the past lives, the present life and the future life. In fact you are already creating things that will surface in your next life.

Even though we are all a part of the vast universe and completely interconnected we are also all on our own journey with our own individual karma.  According to karma we each choose this body, this mind and life to live out our karma. The idea with karma is to burn the seeds of karma away so that we created purity. This can only be done with awareness.

We cannot change the origin of our karma. That is why we are here. But we can change the direction we take. For example you may have been born with a stubborn temper. Karma would call this pride. Awareness of your actions and then attempting to change your temper begins to burn the seed of karma. The problem is most of us are walking through life without awareness of the power we have to change.

Think of someone who is very angry; their whole persona and physical presence changes. Awareness of this emotion causes them to seek help and to work hard to change their temperament. They stop a piece of karma and their life changes.

Let’s work on balance, flexibility, strength and peace.

Karma is your actions and all of those actions create reactions. So act with compassion and understanding and you will begin to burn the seeds of karma. Remember you take with you, when you leave this world, the karma you have created in this life time. So seek to create what you hope to bring with you into the next life. It’s your choice. It’s called free will.
Doctor Lynn

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