Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to Find a Peaceful Mind

Our thoughts are affected by the Vrittis or the whirling, fluctuating, modifications of the mind. Our thoughts come about through knowledge, reaction, feelings and memory. As our thoughts arise they tend to move and swirl in many directions. Yoga is about bringing tranquility to the mind. There are several ways we can bring about a tranquil and peaceful mind.

One is by cultivating friendship, compassion, joy and staying impartial or detached from either pleasure or pain. Observe without judgement.

The second is through the breath; when we stop to focus on the breath we clear the mind. This brings quietude and quietude brings peace.

The third is to practice the Om; the sound of ultimate reality.

We will focus on all three today. First, cultivate friendship, compassion, joy and detachment and you will radically change how you perceive the world. These demolish the boundaries and the barriers that keep us separate due to our egos.

When we detach from our differences and accept life as totally interconnected compassion and understanding endure under all circumstances.

Let’s practice because nothing is achieved without practice.

The great Om. According to yoga all thoughts and all speech are derived from the sound Om.  It is the expression of ultimate reality. Chanting the Om clears all obstacles and focuses the mind on the single truth which is the nature of reality. That ultimate reality is that we are all one only separated by our egos. Be at peace with the world and the world will be at peace within you.


Doctor Lynn

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