Saturday, December 05, 2015

Non-violence - Thoughts

Our thoughts are pure. We have a thought and then we add emotions, memory, our perceptions and attitudes. For each of us it is both different and alike. We draw upon our own experiences and add this to our thoughts. Where the same thought may make someone happy it may make someone else unhappy. Yoga is about taming the emotions and feelings we apply to our thoughts. In this way we become the observer of life rather than the judge. Comparison gets us into trouble because in truth there is no comparison in the world. Each of us is unique, on our own individual journey and yet at the same time we need each other to complete our mission. So although we are separate we are connected. Here is where we get into trouble because it is the ego that keeps us separated. To transcend the ego is to connect with the universal energy of life. In this state of being we can do no harm because to harm anyone or anything is to harm all of life. Extremism like terrorism pits life against life. In an attempt to harm and destroy the perpetrators harm themselves, their families and their culture.

For the next hour think of yourself as connected to everyone in the class. We may look different, but we are all the same spiritual energy.

 We cannot stop radical ways of thinking, but we can through yoga begin to see the world as embedded and connected to the universal energy of spirit. When we see the world this way we transcend the separateness of the ego. We cannot stop the violence in the world. But we can each of us do our part to bring peace by not doing physical harm, not using words that hurt and by mastering our thoughts, moods and attitudes. Just practice compassion and understanding. Remember we are all connected to the universal spiritual energy of life. Harm one you will harm all. Do no harm.

Namaste – I celebrate the place where our souls meet.

Doctor Lynn

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