Thursday, June 12, 2014

It takes a leap of faith

When I was much younger without a lot of money, a lot of responsibility(the single mother of two children) and not enough time or energy at the end of the day, I dreamed of three things; traveling and seeing the world, expressing my artistic soul and promoting health and fitness for the body, the mind and the soul. Here I am now taking a giant leap of faith into my soulful space, as I launch my new project.  Aero*bogo™ and my art project -The Jeanome Project.©

This is how you do it – devote yourself to something you love. Work hard, consistently and persistently, be willing to expose the raw side of yourself and be undeterred by what others may think or say. There are those that will laugh at you, criticize you and dismiss you, but more than likely those are the same people who are afraid to take the leap. I have failed. I have done remakes and retakes. However, I never stopped trying and that is the secret to having the guts to take the leap!

I’ve traveled the world, I’m expressing my artistic self and I’m promoting health and fitness. I’m following my passion -that’s Aero*boga – the way of the heart.  Follow your passion! Come on…take the leap with me!  Enter the contest and win! Follow along as each week we work on the lessons of Aero*boga 

Check out the sneak peek preview on You tube 

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