Saturday, June 28, 2014

Difficult ? Yes! Impossible? No!

Concentration is a branch of yoga – there are eight branches. The poses are one branch. Concentration is internal. It is about learning to control the mind, with attention and not tension. This is also true for the poses. Our goal is to hold the poses with attention, but not tension. This creates balance. Why learn to concentrate? Because in yoga we are trying to learn how to control the energy of the body-mind so that we can find peace and serenity.  We are trying to consciously (with attention) control our energy without creating tension. Let’s use dieting – we want to consciously control the portions we eat without creating tension. If we create tension we create cravings and this disturbs the quietude of the mind.

Sometime we need to get out of the mind and into the body and that is why we practice the yoga poses.

Self restriction is sometimes called the decent to hell. It takes discipline. History tells us that all avatars have descended to hell before they ascended to heaven. Give this some food for thought. Pay attention to your life without tension and in this you will discover peace and serenity.

Difficult ? Yes! Impossible? No!

Doctor Lynn

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