Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Master your life -There are six impediments

The first four are: control your emotions, slow down and take the time to relax, stop over doing everything, remove stress and take care of your health, and listen within the quietude of yourself so you learn to trust your inner voice.

The fifth Impediment is concern over gain or loss. Quietly and consistently practice the art of concentration (sitting quiet without distraction).  Live your life without concern for gain or loss. In the big scheme of things there are no gains and no losses; simply lessons to be learned. For every gain in life there must be a loss and for every loss there must be a gain. Let’s say you lost all your money. How can there be a gain in that? Perhaps you needed to be humbled or perhaps it gave you insight into your sense of judgment, decision making and problem solving. In this you have gained.

Live your life without concern for gain or loss. When you see life this way you will live a healthy, happy and peaceful life. Sit quietly, unconcerned with gain or loss and simply experience the power of your breath. You will be surprised by how rapidly you will progress towards mastery of your life.

Doctor Lynn

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