Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mastering Your Life

Concentration is essential. You must learn to focus and hold steady to the task at hand. Most of the time humans concentrate on something, without much thought. When you concentrate with full awareness the task gets accomplished. However, we must also know when to let go. It is wise to realize that thinking over and over (obsessing) is not problem solving. Sometimes we need to let go and return to the problem when the mind is fresh. With yoga we discipline the mind to focus and also to let go when necessary.

Concentration from the yogic standpoint means to master your mind. When you master your mind you free yourself from scattered energies. Then you apply your intellect, undisturbed by emotions and cravings. In this you free your energy, learn to focus and achieve the goals you have set for yourself in this lifetime. You become the master of your destiny.

Concentrate without obsessing and learn to let go when necessary. Sit quiet, breathe deep, refocus and then tackle the task at hand. In this you will learn to master your life.

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Doctor Lynn


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