Saturday, August 20, 2016

You Are the Light – Yoga Today

When we accept with kindness the many attributes of life we become attuned or receptive to all of life’s energy. Remember that life is an interconnected web of electromagnetic energy. That is why we need to stay centered because the core of our being is the source of life. Center everywhere circumference nowhere. Remember the only differences you see are the ones you draw outward from the core of your being, Judgment and ego separate us. Connecting at the center joins us all together.

Today we are going to start with a short meditation. Meditation is the fastest way to connect with our center. This meditation will show you how the mind works when it changes its perspective. What happens to your being depends upon which way you are looking out from your center. You will notice that when we look down the mind tends to be more introspective. Like when we bow our head to pray. When we look straight ahead we become focused and alert and when we look up we tend to soar and feel inspired.

Let’s sit quietly and begin a guided meditation so we can experience these various states of being.

 Close your eyes and take in a few deep breathes. Now open your eyes, look down and then close your eyes. Now begin to feel yourself sinking deep below the earth as if floating downward into a deep soft cushion. Feel the softness, the warmth and the comfort. Take a few breathes and enjoy the freedom from all your earthy responsibilities, from demanding projects, from your fear and from worldly ambitions. In this gentle comfort and warmth I am at peace.

Now with a quick breath, raise your head look straight ahead and open your eyes. Shake off any passivity and say to yourself with a burst of energy, I greet the world!

Take a few deep breathes waking yourself up and energizing your body, mind and soul. Now look up throwing your arms up, fingers pointing the sky and say to yourself I awake to the light. I am joyful and free. I awake to the light.

Each day take time to be introspective. Sit quiet and gather your energy. Then wake up with a burst of energy and positively greet the world. Throw your head back, look up and be joyful and free beacause you are the light.

Doctor Lynn

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