Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Third Attitude for Finding You Center

To find your center depends upon holding the right attitudes. The first is acceptance, the second is kindness and the third is attunement or the ability to be receptive and open. Accept yourself and everything just as it is with kindness and you will begin to discover compassion. Next you must attune yourself from your center to the center of everything. Be open and receptive to all of life. The more that you discover the interrelationship between all thing the more you will understand life. With acceptance and kindness comes compassion. With attunement comes understanding.

We can try to intellectualize compassion and understanding, but it is impossible unless we feel it.  Intellectualizing separates and compartmentalizes things. But when we feel things we truly begin to understand them. Listen to music and watch what happens when you become attuned to the beat. You and the music become one. Feel your breath and the poses as we move through our yoga class and you will begin to attune yourself to a deeper understanding of the nature of life. Accept yourself and your shortcoming, as well as others and their shortcomings. Be kind to yourself and attune yourself with the nature of yoga which is to discover balance, flexibility, strength and peace.

Hold to your center. Accept all of life with kindness. Use understanding and compassion to attune yourself to the very nature of life which is an understanding that we are all interconnected in this vast web called life. What you do to one you do to all, so be kind, accept things as they are and stay open and receptive. In this you will find your center and at your center you will find peace.

Doctor Lynn

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