Thursday, August 25, 2016

Power Your Vision

Ishta means devotion or surrender to divine energy, and that divine energy, in practical terms, is the inspired vision that focuses our desires. We know that desire leads to action and action leads to achievement, but desire left on its own without an underlying vision has a tendency to move in many directions at the same time. We desire this and we desire that, lacking focus. A clear vision gives us direction.

Our emotions first express themselves in our mind. From there they give outward expression through words and deeds. It all begins with how we direct our emotions.   When left undirected our emotions become fragmented, destructive, and chaotic.  Desire is always seeking more, so it is up to us to bridle our emotions with a clear vision.  Our chosen ideal becomes the vision.

Let’s work on staying centered and focused so we can give our Ishta the energy to focus our vision with a clear direction.

What is your vision? How are you fueling it today? Be focused, present and take action today that will insure that tomorrow you will move towards that which inspires you to live the most ideal life possible. How? Surrender to the divine energy of your Ishta and then mindfully choose your thoughts words and actions. You have the power.

Doctor Lynn

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