Saturday, August 13, 2016

Unlearning – Finding Your Center- Yoga Today

To find your center you must accept yourself and everyone and everything else with kindness and then attune or become receptive to all of life. Be open and with compassion and understanding because life is one big interconnected web. Finding your center is about unlearning. Not unlearning the knowledge you have gained in this world, but what we must unlearn are the limitation imposed upon us by our egos.

I am a women, I am a man, I am white, I am black, I am a European, I am a Persian I am a Mexican, I am a American and so on are all titles we give ourselves. These titles are objective reality and separate us from our center which has not color, no gender and no nationality. These ideas about the world are self-limiting. We need to go deeper to the depth of our center and find our souls. It is here that we realize we are all connected.

Neti Neti is a kriya yoga expression that means “not this - not that.” It means to remove from our mind every false notion of who we think we are. It means to be at our eternal center no matter where the body happens to be. We are all the center of the universe. There is no outward circumference or outward expression of life except as we draw them. Let’s begin to find our center.

When we accept all of life with kindness and attune to the universal connection of life, we begin to find our center and realize that the only circumference, differences or outward perceptions are the ones we each individually draw.  Neti – Neti -Center everywhere, circumference nowhere.   

Doctor Lynn

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