Saturday, January 16, 2016

Yoga Today – Karma- Be Your own Best Friend

Sometimes it is belter to explain something by what it is not. Karma is not about good or bad. Both good and bad signify judgement. Judgement is subjective. Karma is not. Good and bad signify punishment or reward. Karma is not about punishment or rewards, but it is about merits and merits are the deeds or actions we perform. Karma is simply about energy or better put cause and effect.( Karma by Doctor Lynn)

If you do things that are meritorious you will experience happiness and if you do things that cause pain you will suffer. A happy or unhappy life is your own creation. Nobody else is responsible for the nature of your life. If you remember this you will never blame anyone or anything for what happens in your life. You are your own best friend, as well as your worst enemy.

Our goal here on earth is to burn the seeds of karma or to learn our lessons so that we might reach a state of nirvana. But this is not easy nor should it be. Karma is about work. It is about awareness. If the same things keeps popping up in your life – for example angry people, than you need to look at your own energy, decisions and way of life. We draw to our lives exactly what we need to grow and evolve.

Today we are going to focus on the breath and awareness of the movement of our body. If you feel struggle be aware. If you feel relaxation also be aware of the feeling.   



Practice karma – be aware of all the things that happen to you this week. When something arises try to step back and observe and ask yourself what lesson is there here for me to learn? Remember nobody is responsible for your happiness. Become your own best friend and let go of your worst enemy and you will find a state of happiness, peace and serenity.
Doctor Lynn

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