Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yoga Today- Challenges

Yoga basically means to yoke or to bring together the energy of the body the mind and the soul. But it is really about bringing desired changes into our lives. Change is something we all struggle with and yet change is the only constant in life. Everything and everyone changes every moment and you can never predict with accuracy the outcome. So the basis of yoga is to practice balance, flexibility and strength so that we can have the fortitude to meet the challenges of change.

We use the poses as a means of discovery. It is much easier to get the body to be flexible, balanced and strong than to tame the mind. So we start with the body and then move onto the mind.  In class today pay attention to the movement of your body and the movement of your mind.

Life is full of challenges. You will be faced with them every day. Some will be easy and some will seem over whelming. But with balance, flexibility and strength you will discover the secret to overcoming all obstacles and learn to flow with the inevitable; the constant change of life.

Doctor Lynn

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