Saturday, January 09, 2016

Yoga Today Karma Yoga

Karma means work. The doctrine of karma states that nothing in life comes instantaneously. Everything is a long learning process. It also states that there is such a thing as universal justice. Simply put; every thought, word or action you produce will manifest somehow somewhere in your present life or in your next life.

In your life you carry three forms of karma. The karma from your past life, your present life and the karma you are creating for your future life. According to karma we all choose the life we need to live out in order to live out our karma.

The theory of karma is simple. Life is teaching us the lessons that we have chosen to learn, in a way that is the fastest and easiest, so that we sustain the least amount of injury.

The purpose of life is to grow to an understanding that there is nothing more you need to experience except the experience of the true self which is called balanced self-awareness.

It’s about stepping back, observing without judgment and then letting go. We all know what it is like to act unethically or immorally. Sometimes it is difficult to see others who are being unethical getting ahead in world while others suffer. But are they really getting ahead? Perhaps in the material world, but the material world is transient. It is not real and never last. The real value is in the punja or the merits you bring to your soul.  It’s called good deeds. Remember all action creates a reaction. So bring to your life that which will allow you to developed balanced self-awareness.

Punja or merits are accumulated through good deeds and not fat bank accounts. Every soul must pay the price for its deeds. The universe has a perfect accounting system always striving towards balance. Therefore seek balance in all things and in all things find balance.
Doctor Lynn

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