Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pleasure and Pain

An important part of yoga is to understand the nature of pleasure and pain. We receive pleasure from the good things that come into our life and pain from the things that either are not in our life or leave our life. It is called cravings. Cravings are distraction and distractions disturb our sense of peace and create fear. As soon as we possess something we fear losing it.

This doesn’t mean we should not enjoy things. It means enjoy what comes into your life and be willing to let it go because what might be pleasurable in one moment might be painful in the next.

One day you enjoy playing with your children and the next day you are tired and want them to be quiet and leave you alone. It is not that you don’t love your children; it’s that life changes. Our moods, perceptions and desires are constantly changing.

One day you are in love and the next you are getting a divorce. Enjoy the fact that love came into your life and be willing to let it go when it no longer serves its purpose. Everything has a purpose and a reason.

The world is a training place where we learn to use the world without getting attached. At some point we will all leave this world.  Don’t get attached. Pleasure and pain are all a result of your approach to life. So let’s begin our class with a moment of detachment. Sit quietly and let’s take a few deep breathes. The breath reminds us of the nature of life; everything rise and everything falls away.


Become the observer of life. See the world as an opportunity to learn and grow. Before you learned to swim the water seemed a dreadful scary place, But once you learned to swim you began to love the water. The world is like that. You have to learn to swim in the ocean of constant change to find happiness. 
Doctor Lynn

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