Friday, February 27, 2015

Yoga Today Liberation

The world is just a shadow from which we are completely free. This is what it means to be liberated. However, we come to this world with lessons to learn. This is the nature of karma. Lets’ suppose you gain a certain mastery over some aspect of life, but you die before you reach total liberation. You leave behind your body, but must come back again to finish the job on the pathway to enlightenment. It is only possible to attain liberation as a human being. That is because it is only through our humanness that we can acquire the consciousness necessary to attain complete liberation from desire. However, life is challenging. We will always be presented with desires and will never attain true freedom until we have burnt away the seeds of desire. This begins our study of karma yoga.

All poses in yoga require work. We must be willing to detach and let go in order to gain. The down dog is an example. It calls upon us to both surrender and at the same time be disciplined. It takes discipline to hold it and surrender to maintain it. Such as down dog; such as life.

To attain liberation we must work to remove the seeds of desire. It is not that we should not desire. It is human nature to want. It is our attachment and the value we put on these desires that must be examined. All of life is transitory. Nothing is permanent, but everything has the possibility for rebirth.

Doctor Lynn

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