Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nobel Truth

Buddhism teaches that there are four Nobel Truths that dictate the nature of our lives. The first is that frustration comes from an inability to accept that all things are transitory, meaning constantly changing. Nothing in our lives is permanent.
It is the nature of energy to be constantly changing. We are simply a field of energy body, mind and soul here on earth changing every moment of our lives. You are not the person you were a moment ago. We get into trouble when we get attached to either good energy or destructive energy and then struggle because we want stability and we forget things always change. Life is a rhyme of expansion and contraction, of up and down. When we ride this energy with detachment we find balance and balance always brings us stability.
Nothing in life is permanent. Everything is transitory.  Detach and except change. Ride with the rhythm of life and you will find stability. Stability will bring you balance and balance will bring you peace.
Doctor Lynn

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