Saturday, February 07, 2015

The Power of Concentration

Today we are going to study something a little esoteric; concentration. The power of concentration is a mighty force. When we learn to harness this energy we begin to understand the inner workings of the power to create.

In other words, with complete concentration we can overcome obstacles and create whatever we desire. Nothing is impossible in the realm of the spirit. But we must be cautionary with power. A good example would be the use of atomic power as a means of destruction rather than as a means of healing and creation. Here is where ethics and morals come into play. We all know what it is like to have a certain amount of power. But the caution is that with power there must be the right morale background or power will turn into a mode of destruction.  In yoga we are taught to always do the greatest good for the greatest many and do no harm. So with whatever power you achieve in life use it for good.  To understand this will take some reflection on the energy of your body your mind and or soul.

Let’s get started.

Always do the greatest good for the greatest many. Do no harm.

Doctor Lynn

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