Friday, February 13, 2015

Yoga Today - Power

Power – we all have power. We have the power to persuade, to direct and to teach. In all our relationships we have the power to do well and act unselfishly. But if power is attained without the right moral and ethical background power can turn from creation to destruction.

 According to yoga, originally the world was un-manifested pure consciousness. When it began to manifest the ego was born, then the individual and then the mind. From the mind arrives the gross physical world. As we think so your world is created and destroyed .This is the nature of creation and destruction.

What we see outside of our selves is the manifestation of the world. The nature of life is to evolve and dissolve.  Everything rises and everything falls. Now knowing that you can create your own reality is a very powerful thought. What you do with this reality depends upon your moral and ethical understanding. So remember as you think your life becomes. With your intentions – do no harm. In this you will evolve and your power will always be used for good.
Doctor Lynn

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