Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Fourth Impediment to Mastering Your Life

Not Understanding the Importance of Intuition

Understanding intuition means to be open and sensitive to our surroundings. 

We accomplish this by finding quietude. At the core of our being is eternal stillness. It takes practice to find this deep inner stillness.   In this stillness we put at risk everything we have been taught because the truth (our intuition) puts us in opposition to our every day thoughts, beliefs and way of life.

When our sense of time, place, identity and security are peeled away we are confronted with a vast reality. It is the place of knowing beyond knowing. We need to trust ourselves if we are to truly know.

It is difficult to find and maintain this inner stillness within a stressful world. With practice, we learn to empty the mind and listen to our inner voice. Intuitive understanding emerges. This leads to self trust. (This is why we practice yoga.) ☺

If you want to master your life you must learn to trust yourself, body, mind and spirit.

Empty your mind. Free your soul and trust your inner voice.

Doctor Lynn

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