Saturday, May 03, 2014

To Master Your Life

Because it's worth repeating...

There are three states of mind; dull that lethargic, passionate and active and quiet and serene. To master our lives we must learn to concentrate. In yoga concentration means to free your mind. When the mind is quiet and still, the mind is free.

There are six impediments that must be mastered if we are to discover this freedom.
1.    The first – the major obstacle in our way is that of unbridled emotionally. Remember the monkey mind, jumping everywhere. You must work on controlling your emotions as you move through life. Learn to breathe and let go.

The problem is balance. You don’t need to do a yoga pose to find balance, however yoga might be a helpful way for you to find balance body, mind and soul. An example would be the mountain pose. It calls upon you to be still, quiet, steady, and to go within beyond your body and your mind.  Listen quietly and you may hear the silence of concentration found within. It is in that moment you may, if you are aware, experience a moment of freedom.

To master your life you must learn to concentrate. To concentrate you must free your mind. To free the mind you must master the six impediments to mastering your life.

If you can, right here, right now, in this moment, take a deep breath and let it all go. You will have earned a moment of freedom. Once you taste it, you will want more.

Leaving yoga I was immediately met with a ping of emotion. I crossed paths with someone whose energy bothers me. I try to avoid this person, but she has a way of showing up, just when I get relaxed and off my mark.

I caught my breath and my balance, in one quick moment.  Then I pondered the situation, unperturbed by the emotion. What was this feeling and why was it affecting me?  People come into your life to help you master your emotions. Once mastered, you will no longer need them.
My life has constantly been challenged with finding balance. It has been a great gift, although there have been times when I considered the challenges a curse.

Perhaps you know what I mean – what challenges your balance and scatters your emotions? What pose challenges your balance? When in it do you feel the scatter? Once you become aware of it you will begin to learn how to master the pose and your life. The secret is to step back unperturbed by the emotion and ponder it, not from the ego, but from the opportunity to discover you and from that discovery grow and learn. Breath and ponder the yoga pose that challenges you. Hold to your center and then let go and you will find a moment of balance and once found you will want more.

 You must learn before you know. You must know before you master. This is the road to self mastery. Follow along…

Doctor Lynn

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