Saturday, March 08, 2014

Yoga today – Free the mind and find spiritual growth

There are three states of mind- dull and lethargic, passionate and active, and quiet and serene. In yoga we call the active mind the monkey mind because it jumps from one thing to the next. But although it jumps it gets attached to some karmic idea. In other words we get stuck in our beliefs and live out our karma. We believe life is difficult and thus life is difficult. What we want to do is free the mind from notions that inhibit its spiritual growth. This can only be done with concentration which aims to quiet and thus free the mind. Sit quiet and breath. Do not concentrate on any one thing. Only focus on the inhale and exhale of your breath. You will begin to feel the body-mind settle into a quiet place and at the same find the freedom that is necessary to fill self with spiritual growth. You are at the same time here and everywhere. The universe is full of infinite possibilities. Free your mind and travel it with peace and serenity. In that you will find all that you seek.

Doctor Lynn

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