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Yoga Today

Yoga Today
Concentration can only be performed when the mind is free of all distractions. The mind must be clear of all external or internal thoughts. It begins with the breath. Why do this? Because if we can pull back from everyday life and quiet mind we will achieve balance, and balance brings clarity, and clarity brings tranquility.
You learn to do something by practicing it. You cannot learn to ride a bike by thinking about it. You must do it. So to learn to concentrate you must practice it. This is why we practice yoga.
 old your mind to one object for 12 seconds. Nothing else must enter the mind ,but your focus on the object.
Concentration, meditation and Samadhi are something the yogi does, not something the yogi is. These are not of the body, but of the mind. These are internal mind action which is called kriya Yoga. You can never truly learn to free the mind until you learn to concentrate. You free the mind by teaching it to become free of distractions.
For example – if you wish to succeed at something you need to remove the distractions that keep you from concentrating. Focus brings results. To truly love you must remove anger, fear and mistrust. In this you will find true love which can only be found in your heart when the mind is free of distractions.

Yoga today –In yoga the mind is divided into three stages; dull, overactive and calm. The mind is dull and lethargic. It then becomes passionate and wild. To balance itself it becomes calm and serene. As human being we are physically and mentally in a constant interaction within these three states.

When the mind is dull it lack power and the ability to differentiate between foolishness and wisdom. When it is passionate it is draw towards ambition and discontentment. This creates cravings. Ultimately the mind becomes consumed by its own cravings. When the mind is quiet and serene we concentrate and discover spiritual insight. Sit quiet and concentrate on freeing the mind.

Doctor Lynn

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