Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A successful Life

To cry with deep emotion and to feel a deep passion for life. Your emotional well being is directly tied to a healthy body- mind. Tears of emotion allow us to express and release. Did you know that the body uses tears, urine and sweat to release stress and anxiety? Feeling down? The B-vitamins found most plentiful in whole grains have been shown to relieve mild forms of depression. Oats which are a good source of B Vitamins have been used by naturalist to relieve mild depression.  Sex has also been shown to relieve mild depression. Oats have been used by naturalist to strengthen the sexual drive. Where do you think the phrase sowing your wild oats comes from? One such definition is that it is an expression for idling away precious time by indulging in a colorful lifestyle and wasteful activities. Another definition is that farmers would feed wild oats to young stallions and the stallions would then become quite frisky. That’s why I added oat straw to my nectar; Damiana’s Nectar. It will lift a sad mood, help you stay on your diet and add a little friskiness to your life!  Cry, laugh, sing and dance – feel the passion and live a successful life.

Doctor Lynn

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