Thursday, December 22, 2011

Building the sacred vessel of a relationship

In the ideal we fill all our relationships with sacred love but the truth is we are all quite self centered. We spend a great deal of time trying to control one another so that we can get what we want. But rather than judging ourselves, it is wiser to first try and admit within our self this human tendency to want to control others. Then let us set about the work of transforming this controlling ego of ours into an observant being that releases itself from the need to control and hang onto attachments by surrendering to the purity of authentic, unconditional love. This can only be done when we open, energize and connect the ability to give and receive with the ability to reach out with authentic love.

True love is like friendship at its best – a love that does not need control or understanding – it simply exist.

Open ,energize and connect - Aero*boga
Doctor Lynn

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